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Booked The Blacklist

10 Jan 2015 Bernard News

Incredibly excited to announce that I will be appearing in Season 2, Episode 12 of The Blacklist. Air date and further details to come!


In my most secret gig to date, I’ve booked a role on a Netflix show that airs next year. This one comes with a full week of work! Unfortunately I can’t release any more details at this time. Suffice it to say, I’m very happy!

***UPDATE: 10 April 2015***

The Netflix show is Marvel’s Daredevil! I will be playing “TAC Agent #1!”


Booked Veep

04 Dec 2014 Bernard News

I filmed a very small role on HBO’s Veep yesterday. I play the awesomely titled “Secret Service Agent 4.” (Code name: “Tate” for those playing at home!) I will be in season 4 episode 7 (air date YTBD).

Booked Person of Interest

02 Aug 2014 Bernard News

Very lucky to have just shot the role of “Tate” on season 4 episode 3 of Person of Interest! Can’t wait to see how this one turns out in the final edit! Stay tuned!


My first post-graduate school booking will be an appearance on Boardwalk Empire as the mysteriously named “Agent #1.” I am supremely excited about this opportunity and cannot credit the hard work of my management, Harris Spylios & Caralie Chrisco, enough!!!




Freelancing with Paradigm!

04 Jun 2014 Bernard News

I am thrilled to begin a freelance relationship with the commercial department of Paradigm. Hope to be able to announce my first commercial booking in the near future!

I am very excited to announce my official relationship with one of the great NYC management teams: Davis/Spylios Managment! I am honored to enter this partnership with Harris Spylios and Caralie Chrisco. Couldn’t be happier!!!



27 Apr 2014 Bernard News


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