Bernard Bygott | BIO
Bernard Bygott | BIO



Hi, thanks for clicking that “BIO” link! Here’s some stuff about me…

I’m a proud Philadelphia native, having grown up in Center City cheering on every Phillies team since before I could possibly know the rules of baseball. Now I’m an actor based in New York City, and the enemy is EVERYWHERE, both in the National AND American Leagues. Some days are more traumatic than others–it depends on the box score.

On the never ending but always rewarding journey of self-improvement and artistic growth, I’ve found myself playing lots of sports in high school and college (including baseball, obviously!), running experimental opera companies with my mom and brother (they’re still going strong), writing satirical blogs, producing podcasts, adapting Shakespeare plays, hosting imaginary game-shows, building websites, editing trailers, quitting tons of terrible side-jobs, and somehow fitting in my undergraduate degree from Amherst College and MFA in Acting from Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Play House along the way. It’s a really messy story, but as somebody should have written by now, “Anything worth doing is a really messy story,” right?

I’ve spent a great deal of my life performing Shakespeare (I started in 4th grade), and as I’ve gotten older people have even paid me to do it, which means I’ve fooled them into believing I wouldn’t do it for free. Let’s keep it that way!

More recently I’ve found my groove appearing on TV shows where I usually (but not always) die in rather violent ways including: Daredevil (death by gunshot to the back of the head), The Following (death by stab wound to the throat), The Blacklist (death by car bomb), Person of Interest (near-death by stab wound to the sternum–but let’s face it, despite dialog to the contrary, everybody thinks I died in this one, too), Boardwalk Empire (death to the guy I’m there to assassinate–sorry), and Veep (zero deaths–my sincere and profound apologies).

Besides dying on TV, I continue to appear on stage, most recently with Cleveland Play House, The New York Shakespeare Exchange, and Ohio Shakespeare Festival.

I work in commercials with the wonderful folks at KMR Talent. I want to thank Paradigm Talent for repping me for years, both Stacye Mayer and Doug Kesten, and as it goes I still get to work with Doug over at KMR.

Finally I’m repped by the man, the myth, the legend Harris Spylios of Davis/Spylios Management. Special shout-out to Caralie Chrisco who guided me with Harris for several years. I could not do any of this without those two, and most especially without the support of my family, friends, and mentors (extended family) along the way. If you are one of these people, thank you from the bottom of my heart! And if you aren’t, it’s never too late to join!


P.S. Should you want to bump into me mumbling audition lines or baseball box score lamentations under my breath, you’d do best to visit Jersey City, NJ.

Bernard Bygott