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Bernard Bygott | Writing


May The Force Be With You!

10 Jul 2021, Posted by Bernard in Writing

Someday I would like to write in detail about filming auditions so that you get something splendid right out of camera with no post-process, period. But time would have it so that a meandering version planned is a photo gallery sans detail below. A few…

Self-Tapes: The New Frontier

11 Jun 2021, Posted by Bernard in Writing

The business of acting has been profoundly altered by COVID, and the ubiquity of the self-tape may be the biggest alteration of all. Instead of traveling to casting offices weekly, actors are taping themselves in their homes and sending their video files directly to casting…

Dude, where’s my writing?

01 Jun 2021, Posted by Bernard in Writing

It’s about time I put something in this writing section! I think the menu item has been up there for years… whoops! It’s June 1, 2021 and the past year and a half has been one crazy time. I had the interesting challenge of dealing…

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