Bernard Bygott | Dude, where’s my writing?
Bernard Bygott | Dude, where’s my writing?


Dude, where’s my writing?

01 Jun 2021 Bernard Writing

It’s about time I put something in this writing section! I think the menu item has been up there for years… whoops!

It’s June 1, 2021 and the past year and a half has been one crazy time. I had the interesting challenge of dealing with some pretty extreme health issues during the entirety of COVID, so turning the corner on that at the same time as COVID (knocks wood!) seems to finally be diminishing in the USA is quite a breath of fresh air. It’s liberating and humbling.

I won’t be getting into my health issues, they are hopefully a thing of the past, and if not… well, I will keep on going. That is just my way.

So what is this writing section? … Um… no idea. I guess it’s sorta a blog but with no central theme. Maybe I will discuss the latest mirrorless cameras I am excited about or maybe I’ll talk auditions or bookings (should I be lucky enough to source material on that topic)… or acting advice 😊 I put the smiley face there because acting advice is just the funniest topic there has ever been. I can say this about acting advice: if you want to pay for it is the easiest way to spend money on planet Earth. If you like spending money: acting advice all the way! Always and forever. Now whether it’s good or not, let’s just concentrate on the spending money part. THAT is your spending money ROCK!

Maybe I should put some acting advice here. I can also put a PayPal link.

Next time.

Alright. Writing.

There it is.


Cut & print!

Lead with your heart.

Be brave.

Stay safe out there.

Till next time.


Bernard Bygott