Bernard Bygott | May The Force Be With You!
Bernard Bygott | May The Force Be With You!


May The Force Be With You!

10 Jul 2021 Bernard Writing

Someday I would like to write in detail about filming auditions so that you get something splendid right out of camera with no post-process, period. But time would have it so that a meandering version planned is a photo gallery sans detail below.

A few very recent auditions this particular household put together. Snapshots are untouched out of camera.

Probs my favorite part in a very long time.
Bartender guy at your service.
Commercial time pointing!
Agent man is… Agent man!

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for filming auditions. For both audio and video the real work is learning the craft of filmmaking and applying your knowledge to your individual setup… your reality. There is a lot of noise out there about how to do, well, EVERYTHING as cheaply as possible. Between that and the promises that one-size-fits-all solutions are magic, we all turn into Amazon Affiliate Link Sheep rather than the creative forces that we ARE.

So the next time you shoot something, take a real look and listen to what you really have—with your own eyes, ears, heart. Forget what someone told you–who cares about that! Seriously. Screw that. You are your own artist, advocate, creative force. Problem solve; put in the work. Create. Be your force.

Will it be perfect?… NO! We live in a converted factory in which even with everything in our entire apartment turned off (AC, fridge, etc.) the noise is freakish from every other apartment around us, non-stop… C’est la vie! We still work on it, but there are limits. Shortly we will be recording auditions with each other while in different zip codes—will that make things way harder and lower our production value?… OF COURSE! BUT we will… BE OUR FORCE 😊

Now, go! May the force be with you!


PS. How about a Bo Burnham anecdote? Yes, I have seen a bit of his Netflix special, and yes (no matter your taste) it’s extremely impressive execution. Now if for some strange reason you have found this ridiculous section of my website, rejoice 😉 for I have some plain truth to drop that runs contrary to the common narrative on that work. Fact: that special cost a CRAP TON of money to make. Both money and of course time and wonderful creativity… but, believe me… SO. MUCH. MONEY. And this is no takedown in the least—exactly the opposite! He invested in himself. That takes guts and so much more. Bravo. I’d say, DO THAT!

Bernard Bygott