Bernard Bygott | NEWS
Bernard Bygott | NEWS

Booked For Life on ABC

26 May 2021 Bernard News

The industry is picking back up, and I was very fortunate to join the For Life team for a great episode entitled “The Blue Wall.” I played Officer Esposito who it turns out is not the nicest human being on Earth :-/ Many thanks to all involved, and safe wishes to everyone out there making art during these challenging times!

Slowly but surely productions everywhere are getting back on track, and I have had the good fortune to jump back in on day one. I am currently shooting an action packed role on 2 episodes of a Starz TV series that is making waves. I’ve been watching the show myself and thoroughly enjoying it, and the spirit of everyone involved is ALL CLASS and HEART.

Everyone stay healthy in this new world.


***UPDATE: 03 January 2021***

My recurring role was on Power Book II: Ghost! I played Agent Pope and it was an absolute blast.

Booked City on a Hill

21 Jul 2019 Bernard News

I was lucky enough to grab an explosive scene with Kevin Bacon, Dean Winters and Brian Donahue in Season 1, Episode 6 of Showtime’s City on a Hill. Very grateful to Stunt Coordinator, Mike Russo, for letting me handle the stunts and encouraging me as an artist throughout. The whole team was/is first class–as expected from Executive Producers Tom Fontana, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck. Shoutout to Director Metin Hüseyin for a tight episode!


Wrapped a very cool Guest Star role on a TV show I am absolutely delighted to have joined! Reconnected with some production folks from my other TV appearances and made some new friends as well! Gotta stay vague on the details for now, but very excited to share more soon!


***UPDATE: 20 November 2018***

Guest Starred as Samuel Kernick on FBI!

An absolute pleasure to work on Iram Parveen Bilal’s upcoming feature, I’ll Meet You There, starring Faran Tahir. Ended up filming this one with another Davis Spylios Management client, Michael Pemberton–wonderful man and phenomenal actor. Everyone on set was warm and welcoming. Can’t wait to see the film! Many thanks to Meg Morman and Sunday Boling of Mormon Boling Casting for giving me the thumbs up! Love always to Harris & Caralie for getting me in!



Booked The Blacklist (Again!)

26 Aug 2017 Bernard News

Just wrapped a fun role on The Blacklist! I’ll be appearing as “Matthew McClintock” in Episode 3 of Season 5. This is my second appearance on the show–met an untimely demise last time around. Awesome to be back working on a thrilling hit show with a warm and welcoming cast and crew! This episode has some remarkable Guest Stars and extremely cool plot twists!!! Tune in and catch all the drama (and a touch of comedy, too)!



I had the great honor of shooting for a week on AMC’s Turn: Washington’s Spies. The week was a little piece of heaven, and I cannot wait to relive every moment when it airs! This one is gonna be magic! More info soon!



Can’t wait to share more details soon! I am filming two days on a TV show created by some legends in the business. I will update this post with full details ASAP!

Very, very, excited!



***UPDATE: 11 January 2017***

I will be appearing in the season finale of The Deuce, staring Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Franco from TV scribes David Simon and George Pelecanos!

Just wrapped a very fun role on the upcoming feature, Landline, from the creative team behind 2014’s Obvious Child. The film stars Jenny Slate, Edie Falco, John Torturro, Jay Duplass and Abby Quinn. I worked with all of them! It was a dream. Gillian Robespierre directs from a screenplay she co-wrote with Elisabeth Holm.

I cannot wait to see the film!!!

You can read more about Landline here: Cannes: Jenny Slate to Reunite With ‘Obvious Child’ Team for Comedy ‘Landline’ (Exclusive)



Ecstatic to have joined The Late Show with Stephen Colbert for the cold opening on April 19, 2016! I play Civil War General Robert E. Lee!
Watch the clip below:

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