Bernard Bygott | NEWS
Bernard Bygott | NEWS

I am thrilled to announce that I will be playing Macbeth with some wonderful people in Ohio this summer. This is one of those dream roles, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have arrived at a place in my life where I can’t wait to dive right in. If you are in the Northeast Ohio area in August, I hope you will be able to attend. Tickets can be purchased here:

Much love and gratitude!!!!

Booked I Am Rebel (w/update!)

16 Mar 2016 Bernard News

From Executive Producer Matt Wolf and Director Jamie Barber, I will be appearing in the National Geographic Channel mini series, I Am Rebel.

Also known as The Story of Vice in certain markets.

Look out for episode 1 this summer!

I had a great time on set, and along with some beautiful cinematography, the series will cover some truly important history. Details to follow closer to the air date!



***UPDATE: 20 August 2016***

Click on the picture below to see me as “Detroit Cop.” You’ll know it’s me by my delivery of the line “Get over here! Come on!”… and my general nastiness!


Back on TV and feeling great. I will update this post with full details soon!!!


***UPDATE: 03 December 2015***

The CBS show is Limitless! I will appear in Season 1, Episode 12 on Jan. 5th, 10/9c.


Booked The Following

23 Feb 2015 Bernard News

Extremely grateful to have just booked a role on Season 3 Episode 11 of The Following. Air dates and further details will be posted on my Twitter and Facebook accounts. Thank you as ever to Davis/Spylios Management for making this possible!


Booked The Blacklist

10 Jan 2015 Bernard News

Incredibly excited to announce that I will be appearing in Season 2, Episode 12 of The Blacklist. Air date and further details to come!


In my most secret gig to date, I’ve booked a role on a Netflix show that airs next year. This one comes with a full week of work! Unfortunately I can’t release any more details at this time. Suffice it to say, I’m very happy!

***UPDATE: 10 April 2015***

The Netflix show is Marvel’s Daredevil! I will be playing “TAC Agent #1!”


Booked Veep

04 Dec 2014 Bernard News

I filmed a very small role on HBO’s Veep yesterday. I play the awesomely titled “Secret Service Agent 4.” (Code name: “Tate” for those playing at home!) I will be in season 4 episode 7 (air date YTBD).

Booked Person of Interest

02 Aug 2014 Bernard News

Very lucky to have just shot the role of “Tate” on season 4 episode 3 of Person of Interest! Can’t wait to see how this one turns out in the final edit! Stay tuned!


Booked Boardwalk Empire

16 Jul 2014 Bernard News

My first post-graduate school booking will be an appearance on Boardwalk Empire as the mysteriously named “Agent #1.” I am supremely excited about this opportunity and cannot credit the hard work of my management, Harris Spylios & Caralie Chrisco, enough!!!




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